I belong to the category of people who seeks balance in life. However, life like a Christmas eve is not merry all the time.
I have been weary the last few days at both personal and professional front.

Work pressure was somehow taking a toll on my usual calm, while personal responsibilities are something we can’t get away from.

Being independent is something I have acquired from my father while the homemaker in me is instilled through my mother. While I, on the other hand, love to keep a little of me at home, through the aromas of delicious food.

The thought that my family would have a hearty meal and I would cross their minds for once through the lingering taste, evolves the chef in me. Also, I have this constant urge to improve myself professionally, dream, chart out my plans and execute them diligently.

With all this, I somehow lost track of my writing spree that helps me liberate myself. 

This caused more of a chaos to my otherwise calm self. Indeed, as you grow, so do your responsibilities.

Thus, to fit everything in, I try eliminating trivial work and prioritise it.

However, writing and I must walk together to be on a happy path.
My conscious mind taking control and swiftly filtering out my to-do list. In this process figuring out what each activity would lead me to, I identified what exactly would be advantageous to me based on my teeny-weeny experiences.

Just the other day, while discussing about my writing passion with one of my close colleagues, she casually remarked,

“I wonder why you haven’t started writing book reviews on goodreads”.
She, like most of my close aides is well aware of how
voracious a reader I am.

My rational self took control and instantaneously replied in defense

“What’s the point?

What will I get out of this?”

A little off guard, I held my words. After quite a time, my soul took control, gathering all its wits, and whispered in a feeble voice,
“From when did you start seeking quantitative results in everything you do?”
The newer me finally got the glimpse of my older me.

The discussion trailed off as my thoughtful friend replied

“Why are you thinking about the end results? ‘

Just keep doing what your conscience says”.

I could connect to her, as that is how I had always been. I simply smiled in affirmation.

It seemed a gentle knock to one of the recently closed doors. I
immediately felt it in my gut.

At that very moment, I was determined to start writing reviews on goodreads and focus more on my writing.

How and when was the question?

Often when life happens we simply start racing to the clock tick, to keep the pace with no time to think, ponder or introspect. Losing out on the good things in us.

This, I know for sure, when you are determined and stick to your goals, the path unfolds.

This being a minor event yet an eye opener to my racing self. I decided, let life run, one needs a break to introspect. Is this all we want?

Are we closer to our goals?
Are we happy with what we are doing? 

Identify, decide and continue yet again.

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