Remember the moments you have cried and begged God to help you?

What are your memories of that moment?

And oh…the pain of it all! When we are in pain, we often forget that God is with us.

But through it all, he promises us true happiness in him.

share your moments.


I think its really sad to see someone lose themselves. Especially someone you have known. Life comes with lots of burdens and somehow along the way, you can lose yourself and forget that you are worth more than rubies. You are special in God’s Kingdom, that is why he left the 99 to go and find the one who was lost and alone.

Don’t allow people to treat you like you are worth nothing. You are a chosen daughter of the the King and should never let anyone tell you otherwise. Just because you have a big heart it does not mean that people should take advantage of you., especially in relationships. If you are not appreciated and always treated like you are worth nothing, then it’s time to leave. Life was not meant for you to cry everyday. Being in a relationship was not meant to be difficult nor complicated. When two people are in love there is always a way to find compromise in trying circumstances.

There are so many people that are in the wrong relationships. Wrong, because they have accepted that

that is the way he talks to me”

That is not the case. No one should talk to you with no respect and call you names!

As we enter the month of September, I pray that is the month you will take a stand and refuse to be treated like a door mat.

This is your time to remember who you are. You are an intelligent woman who is kind, not stupid. Begin to know your worth and rise above abuse, because that is what it is.

We were born to be on the move and to be creative with our time and determine what our goals are for the day. Everyone wakes up in order to do something. The choice would be whether its something positive or not. Just choosing to wake up happy is a great achievement.
I must admit that I am one of those people that needs to work on my happy face when I wake up! I believe that keeping things simple will make us achieve more on a daily basis. Our happiness determines who we become and how we will spend the rest of the day. To be happy is now. As you are reading this, ask yourself if you are happy and if not, ask yourself why you are not happy. That is the way forward. Knowing. Each day is a blessing to embrace and appreciate the day. Sometimes it’s hard to feel happy when things are not going well. That too will pass. A state of happiness is being content with the life that you have and making the best out of it. You may not have cracked the code to happiness yet, but with help from above, you will be okay…


I have a friend of mine who like me, is very busy, so when we send each other text messages (once a month) they normally look like this:

friend: breakfast?

me: when?

friend: next wednesday at 10, my place

me: great, see you then

I like spending time with her because our time together is effortless and relaxed.

She loves to set the breakfast table in such a way that I always feel loved and appreciated.

Then we sit together and enjoy each other’s company. We share life, we laugh, we talk about our dogs, we take a walk together,

This has now become a pattern in our lives. I love it!

I always make sure to do the same when breakfast is at my place.

What a joy and privilege to do life with a sister.

Tell us about someone you do life with.





by Mucha

A word in season

My eyes search to and fro, looking for a people that hear my voice and walk according to my ways.

For in these days, I have end time assignments that need to be accomplished.

I am searching for a generation that is not afraid, one that will walk boldly and loosen the chains that are keeping my people bound.

Let those that hear my voice move forward in rank and take this end time gospel to my people.

I live and will sustain you wherever I send you.

Do not be afraid. Arise my people, pick up your sword and fight.

Elijah was raised up to rebuild the altar because man had broken their covenant with God.

There is so much going on in the world.

Is it due to the fact that man has again broken their covenant with God?

God is a covenant keeping God and he has never broken his covenant with man.

Elijah confronted Ahab, the king of Israel. He also confronted the false priests and prophets of Jezebel that had led the people astray.

In the bible, we read that Elijah restored the altar of God again.

It is time for families, churches, cities and nations to restore the altar!

God is raising up Elijah*s in every nation, who love God and His Church. They are not afraid to risk their lives to restore man’s covenant with God.

They will preach repentance and the Cross… The  shed blood of Jesus.

An altar is a place of sacrifice. It is a meeting place with God.

I pray that you rebuild the altar in your life and begin to see the power of the Cross work mightily on your behalf.

by Mary Eisenacher

How I love your mercy, Jesus.

So many challenges have come my way lately, and with some I have
passed the test – and some not.

So glad you love me, Lord!!!

I know many are going through much with their families and friends right now, and I see the need for them to run to You for counsel. I find myself running to you often these days. I’m so glad that you are always available. As my mind races for solutions to relationship differences, I have to turn it over to You, Jesus. My solutions have no validity.

I’m going to continue to ask You for wisdom in the midst of my turmoil. Lord, You are always so fair. I’m seeing that although I’m special to You, so are others. So, I realize my job is to look to the good in them and draw it out in prayer and actions. Help me to be compassionate and loving. Put a watch over my mouth when I want to respond in an unlovely manner.