by Mucha

Please, show me Your glory.”

He said,

I will make My goodness pass before you, and I will proclaim the name of the LORD before you…”

(Ex. 33:18-19)

Moses had a desire to see God’s glory, so he made his request known to God. God in his infinite love not only revealed himself, but also left a life-long impact on Moses. Moses was stunned at the mercy of God as He showed him his glory.

When we learn to speak to God we will definetly hear him. God loves to reveal his different personalities to us as we call on him.

Beholding his glory will definetly leave us changed for life.

Father, we stand in awe of your glory and we ask you to reveal it to us as we commune with you in spirit and in truth. Lead us to the place where we can see your glory and be transformed into your image. Amen.


When was the last time you looked yourself in the mirror and got real with yourself?


Life happens and sometimes we find ourselves on a road we have never traveled before.

Maybe you have put on extra kilos, or like someone I know, wrinkles!

As women, the list is long…sagging boobs, sagging bottom, loss of hair or having grey hairs!


The person staring at you in the mirror will either motivate you to change or accept yourself the way you are.

After all, it is the process of life.

Whatever you decide, you must wake up every day and be true to yourself.  Don’t let the world or trends of this world change who you are becoming.

Be  your authentic self

Remember that it is a work in progress.

You are a unique and that’s what makes you, YOU!

Stay true to yourself!

by Kudzi G. Phiri

Why do we ask ourselves the question:

Who am I?

The paradox is that we seem unable to embrace the answer.

Is it that we cannot accept because we do not believe in the truth or
is it because of the people that surround us who constantly fill us
with doubt (telling us we are not who we think we are, or we do not
have it in us to become who we think we are)?

I, therefore, implore you to believe in and to know who you are. Let God
be the determinant; the mind of Christ being your driving force to
believe in and become who God said you are. Let the Holy-Spirit be
your teacher and guide so that in all things you are focused and you
live to realize your full potential.

Human beings often ask the same life questions because deep inside we
know we were created for a purpose. In us God has put an ability to
perceive based on what we see, reason according to what we know but
above that become according to what He spoke. You find yourself unable
to grow beyond the things you have been exposed to, often you need
something or someone to urge you on to break mediocrity and become the

From the onset, all you ever needed was placed in you: God made it so
that when you begin to speak the universe aligns with you. Angelic
hosts begin to ensure manifestation of your words.

So you ask who am I?

You are a child of promise and you can become
whatever you say you are. You are not defined by where you are, or
what people say you are but what you say about yourself. Take charge

by Mucha

I love that I am able to breath and take in the new fragrance that you have released in the atmosphere. For it is in this fragrance that I have captured your beauty and your never ending love for me.

How can it be that you care for me so?

You give me strength when it is failing and you touch me with your quiet humble spirit. Even when I fail you, you still linger with me, for you have promised me that you will’ never leave me nor forsake me.

Daily, I live my life to honor you and oftentimes, I get caught up in the moment of the day – the activities that I am required to be a a part of.

Yet, when I call, you are always there.

Dear Jesus, you intrigue me and you captivate me. My gaze is on you. I yearn to smell your fragrance. Lead me through the journey of life, so that my life reflects your love for me. Refresh me, refill me, renew me, re-educate me as I drink from your fountain…

by Mechelle Stephens

Life sometimes demands we dance when there is no music
Life sometimes answers with aches
Life sometimes
Applauds our accomplishments
Bears our burdens
Claps at our celebrations
Dances at our doorsteps
ife sometimes demands we dance when there is no music
Life sometimes answers with aches

Life sometimes

Applauds our accomplishments
Bears our burdens
Claps at our celebrations
Dances at our doorsteps
Examines our egos
Forgives our failures
Graciously grants us grace
Hosts our pity parties

Inspires/ignites our imagination
Judges our thoughts
Keeps our secrets
Likes our Facebook posts/status
Manifests miracles while we marvel

Nominates you for the part “The best you…”
Operates in inoperable circumstances
Prevents our pitfalls
Qualifies the unqualified
Rejoices in our regeneration

Shares our success
Troubleshoots our malfunctions/Tames our tempers
Unties our tangle ups
Validates our victories
Winks at our does so because LIFE’S wisdom is light years beyond ours…
Xeroxes our geneology
Yodels for the return of our fleeting courage
Zzzzz (zones out), falls asleep when we fail to participate in it for long periods of time

Life happens, life moves, life goes, life returns, life slows down, life speeds up…

Someone once said.. “Life goes on perhaps redefined, reoriented, and redirected.”

What if you woke up every morning, knowing that with each new day comes a new opportunity to become a better version of yourself!

Every new day gives us new hope, and a chance to do better than we did yesterday. You have a new day to make things happen and challenge yourself in taking steps towards becoming a better you.

Here are 7 steps that I would like to share with you. They have really impacted my life and hope that you embrace them and let them work for you too…

  • Have a good night’s sleep, six to seven hours a day

(a bit challenged in this area, but working on it)


  • Plan your day, manage your time and be productive

(I always ask myself what I have accomplished towards the end of the day, and some         days are better than others)


  • Have some quiet time where you pray, read or listen

(I love it!)


  • Get some fresh air. Walk, exercise and breath

(I love to sit outside in this beautiful weather and sometimes take walks with                         wonder,  the family dog


  • Be informed. Stay in touch with what’s going on around the world

( we really need to be informed, ignorance is not bliss, I say!)


  • Reach out. Give a helping hand, invest in people

(I just love people and spending my time investing in those I can work with)

  • Eat Healthy, it is as simple as that


by Mucha

Summer is full of its own magical wonders. The clock has turned and the warm summer days are here. I gaze at the wonderful colors that summer has come with and are grateful that I can enjoy it in its fullness. As I look around I am  aware of the brightness that has filled the air and brought with it, a new refreshing.

If you really want to cultivate discernment, you can snuggle up in the garden and catch up with your bible reading. Nature speaks to us. There is a lot of spiritual strength that the spirit, body and soul can benefit from, and will definetely help you in the days ahead.

I sincerely believe that women are being called to move to the frontline so that they can  build and establish a kingdom legacy. You are being called out of the ashes to the forefront.  What you thought would kill you, is the very thing that you must use to create an awareness and let your voice be heard. Your life matters. Speak up and be released from the chains that want to keep you bound. It is the season.