I am reading a book about a woman, who at 19, boarded a ship and waited until the Lord said,
“Get off, here.”
BY SHELLY WILSON With $100 in US dollars, she stepped off the ship with no home, no job, no friends, and no understanding of the language of the people in this foreign country. This one woman began to enter into the dark places infested by drug lords, prostitution, and gangs. There was only one reason…Jesus loved them.
This is what I call BRAVE.
I am asking the Lord to challenge my own bravery. “Am I brave at all, Lord?” I ponder whether or not I truly believe His Word and what The Christ in me is capable of. In this reflection, I am sensing the rise of a new kind of bravery we rarely see in our western culture and church. In our human holiness, we have withdrawn our artillery from the gates of darkness. We have shorn ourselves up with like-minded alliances and made solemn vows towards our own righteousness. Yet, Christ is not well pleased. We have built our own bubble few enter into and few ever leave. Christ taught His disciples about authority and power, while today we teach talent and skill. Neither sets a man free from bondage and chains. We sit ourselves well within our walls and take little notice at the hearts crying for Jesus. It matter little to us anymore and this generation sees that if this is what it’s all about, well, they have little need for us and this Jesus we preach about. I am coming into a season of understanding where either the Spirit of God moves supernaturally or I shall wait His hand. It takes a brave heart to resist worldly promotion and self -exaltation. Either I believe Christ has a date stamped with my “showing forth” or I believe the world who tells me I must spend all manners of time, energy, and money to promote The Christ in me. It is foolishness dare I say? If I can simply be honest, I am exhausted with events that teach nothing more than a craft while people leave empty, hollow, and void of the power of Jesus that transforms a heart cry and need. Our routines as well planned as they may be have scheduled the Holy Spirit right out of the course of things and yet we rejoice over a well-rehearsed execution. How sad the heart of Christ must be to see us settle for so little when He has so much more He is freely offering to us. Bravery in this hour is requiring us to step it up a notch. Lay down striving for travailing in prayer and seeking King and Kingdom. Bravery is raising our voices calling out injustices in our midst and knowing persecution will follow. Nonetheless, Jesus would have done the same. He did do the same.
Have you researched the end of life for the disciples we esteem so highly? Most gave their lives for the sake of the gospel. What exactly do we give for the sake of the gospel? Bravery is asking the questions,
“How many more Bible studies must we participate in, before we go to set the captives free?”
Could it be we are likened to the Shepherds in Ezekiel who just kept feeding themselves but never tenderly cared for the sheep?” Are we the generation who are always learning but never comes to the knowledge of the truth? Being brave will look different now to those willing to venture the risk. Brave hearts will rise and say, “No more!” Holy Spirit is revealing deep truths in His Word only seen by revelation from Him and much will be exposed now as mere teachings of men that have left the body of Christ limping and lifeless. Brave hearts must now challenge the status quo.
Where are the Martin Luther’s of today? Where are the John Wesley’s? Where are the Jackie Pullinger’s? With churches on every corner in my region, I find a greater darkness here as if a veil of religiosity clouds the heart of man unable to see his own error. Love has become a mere word with no feet to carry it. If we are to be a brave heart, we will have to get use to running to the darkness, the devils, and the wickedness. For those engaged in it are still ones Christ longs to set free. Are we willing to war with false religions, witchcraft, and modern day pagan worship? Will we be brave enough to tear down the altars of Baal that have been erected in our homes, cities, and churches? Lose the comfortable mentality brave hearts! The time has come for sacrifice. Sacrifice your TV shows for prayer time. Sacrifice your human efforts to plead for Christ to fill you with His power. Sacrifice your pristine reputation of “orderly pious” and become a woman or man who reckons with Hell! RAISE YOUR SWORDS! How many are willing to board the ship today? How many will purchase a one way ticket like Abraham and simply, “GO!” Could it be we have been more enamored with making a name for ourselves than a name for Jesus? Perhaps, we have sold out to partiality and bias within our own sanctuaries?

Isn’t one of the bravest hearts of all those who say, GOD…IT IS I! SEARCH ME AND SEE IF THERE IS ANY WICKED WAY IN ME!

May the Nathan’s arise and go speak truth to the David’s who now are away from Christ and His ways! Plead to the king in them! Call forth that which Christ has placed deeply within them! Call them to awaken to themselves AND come back to Jesus! It is time to repent brave hearts! Brave…will you be…brave? Brave is speaking against the sin in our midst when it is embraced by the majority. Brave is loving those who know no better. Brave is breaking camp for the sake of one lost sheep and pulling them out of the pit. Brave is being a voice for the oppressed even if it means you reckon with the modern day establishment. For justice and righteousness are the foundations of His throne. Brave is bursting the bubble that others may see Christ for themselves.

Tell me…
Will you be this kind of BRAVE?