BY TAVIA BARNES HAVE YOU STARTED YET? WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? We all say we will start on Monday, we will eat better, get to the gym, stop eating carbs.

But do we ever start?

Do you know why we never get started?
The last issue I wrote about how small things can help us begin our healthy journey.

As you read the article you were thinking, “Wow that seems easy, I need to get started”.

But we never do, I must admit I did the same thing.
I finally I had to look at my schedule and admit what was right in front of me.
I have a busy schedule, but I also have time that is wasted doing things that are not productive. I realized that I too needed to make some changes.
Why just write about it, I needed to inculcate it my life also.
So, let's look at my schedule and see where changes need to be made.
The alarm goes off at 5am, I hit the snooze. Second alarm goes off at 5:30am, I roll over and turn it off…and lay there…. ugh… I don’t want to get up…ugh… I do that till 6am… Then I get up.
Slowly move to the bathroom and begin my hygiene routine
the alarm goes off at 6:30 and I just finished getting dressed and I am heading to the kitchen. My lunch is not ready so I throw anything together and make my coffee and eat whatever I can for breakfast and I’m out the door. I arrive at work at 7am ready to go. I am a substitute teacher so my day is never truly planned. I work the day….eat and I head home by 3pm ,get in the house…ahh..relax…
log in the computer or my phone and so it begins.
''Oh, look a cat that can play the piano, aww…a baby that is crawling for the first time.''
ah, wow…look at
that my cousin found a job.
Let me like that status…next thing I know several hours have gone by. I begin to cook dinner and I am still scrolling on the internet. Dinner is done and wait…look at the time! I need to pick up child #1 from work, jump in my car and head to pick her up… Then I go to pick up child #2 – we sit in the car and wait for 30 – 40 minutes for her…just sitting and talking. Once she gets in the car we are heading home.
We walk in the door, everyone hits the showers and we eat dinner still chatting and, on our phones. I head to bed first…. say goodnight at about 9pm, but then I log on my phone and I am scrolling again.. Two hours later. I finally realize I need to go to sleep because I need to be up at 5am.
How many can relate to my day?
While your reading this you may be thinking…. ”wow she has a busy day. She doesn’t have time to exercise I have the same schedule and I do not have time to exercise or prepare healthy meals either.”
But the questions remain, so we REALLY have the time.
Well, I looked at my schedule and realized…. I have a lot of time wasted doing nothing productive! I decided that I need to start learning how to use my time better. I made excuses for myself as to why I could
not eat better even though I know I am not doing my best. I justified not exercising with I am busy I have to pick up the girls It’s late I am exhausted I can’t Why didn’t I admit I really didn’t want to. I was being lazy, and I knew better. I log on my phone and see photos of women who have amazing weight loss and admire them. I used to be 318lbs, and I am not anymore so I am good, right!! No, I wasn’t, and I needed to get back on track. So, I made some serious changes and modified my schedule: I began preparing my lunch the night before. My Keurig is prepped for my morning coffee. While in my room watching television or listening to music, I iron my clothes and put together my outfits for the week. Devices will keep us connected and we lose time using them. So, I decided that I would stop using my electronic devices and no television after 10pm. That gave me time to really unwind for the day. I dimmed the lighting in my room with candles and turned on my Soundscapes. Jumped in the shower and afterward massaged myself and then began my yoga routine. Once I finished my yoga I sit in silence and meditate. I then crawl into bed, I am able to sleep. It is a restful sleep and I wake up at 5am and begin my day. 5am – alarm goes off – I hit the alarm and lay in bed thinking of my intentions for the day 5:30am – I am sitting up and drinking a full bottle of water. I leave it on my nightstand every evening so when I wake up its right there for me. I light some candles, play my relaxation music and don’t turn on the lights. I then go to the floor and begin my yoga stretching. These stretches help my back, shoulders and I sit and meditate. I focus on my goals for the day, I sit and feed myself positive affirmations 6am – time to take care of daily hygiene and get ready for work 6:30pm – I head to the kitchen and my lunch is already in the refrigerator. I put together my coffee and boil my egg for breakfast and one slice of toast and a banana. I eat and then I am out the door before 7am.
7am – I arrive at work and get ready to teach my students. 3pm – I arrive home and change my clothes. If I am tired I will take a nap for an hour and then I am up and
cooking dinner. While cooking I also use this time to do everything I need to do on the computer. I keep a list on my desk and check off everything I need to complete on the computer. This way when I come back home I can play online or watch tv and then I am ready to disconnect from everything by 10pm or earlier. 6pm I eat a light dinner. My goal is to not eat after 7pm. 7pm I pick up my oldest daughter from work and we head to the high school to wait for my youngest daughter to finish marching band practice. 7:15pm – we begin walking the parking lot at a fast pace to raise our heart rate and break a sweat. After 30min we stop and begin lunges and push-ups. We do this until my daughter walks to the car. 8pm we arrive back at home. I shower and then head to the kitchen to prep my lunch. I also bring my water to my room and finish everything on my devices, including phone calls. 9;30pm – Everything is complete and I am unwinding to go to bed. Devices are out of my hands and
charging and my Soundscape is playing 10pm – I am in bed and time for sleep
Did you see where
I made changes?
It’s simple changes but they made a big difference. I was able to get
more things done in a day and not waste time. Food prep is essential, or I just grab anything and eat it…. even if it’s candy…that was breakfast. but when I prepared my meals ahead of time, I felt better and wasn’t making bad food choices. I also used my time sitting and waiting for my daughter to exercise. leave my sneakers in my trunk and walk as fast, so I can break a sweat. I also walk when my students have recess, some will even walk with me…but it helps get my exercise in for the day. Also, every evening I do my yoga and meditate. It helps me get a restful night’s sleep…and I began walking up refreshed and ready to go. Will you join me on this journey of taking care of ourselves and making the most of our time…… In my next issue, I will write about my success as well as my failures…. because I admit, my weaknesses are brownies and chips. Take care my sisters and remember every change we make is a success!