by Winnie Andango

She stumbles to a stop, her head is bowed and her face obscured by her long messy hair.

Her once alluring gown is now torn and hangs loosely to reveal bruised shoulders. Her body is sore from being grabbed and pushed by the angry crowd. But right now it’s the least of her worries.

She knows she shouldn’t be standing accused alone but she should have known – she bears the burden alone.

She now stands in front of the great teacher and she is sure of this – her fate is sealed.

From the corner of her eye she can see His face but it gives little away of what’s on His mind. He appears to be writing something on the dirt.

Then for a split second she catches a glimpse of His eyes; they are different, the hate and rage she saw in the crowd is not reflected there.

He begins to speak, she lets out a gasp and feels her spine stiffen. But He’s not addressing her.

She closes her eyes anticipating the stones to start raining on her already frail body. She knows it will not take much to snuff out the little life left in her.

Instead she hears the shuffling of feet, the ground beneath her begins to spin. It spins faster and faster. Finally she comes to a halt and opens her eyes in time to see the last of her accusers disperse.

As they give her a last glance she notes that this time the rage and hate is gone from their faces. Each one lets go of the stones they had been clutching.

As the dust settles the great teacher rises from where He’s been sitting, He takes a step towards her and lifts her face. As He does she can feel the shame lifting off.

Then she hears words that change her life forever;

Neither do I condemn you’

With tears flowing down her face she throws her arms around His neck. He comforts her like a father His child.

She can feel love and acceptance in sweeping waves overwhelming her heart.

I am seen, she is known, she is loved.

Her heart instantly understands, this is what she has been searching for all her life.

Story from John 8: 1-11


2 Timothy 1:5; 3:14-17)

We applaud the women who are single and raising children on their own.

I have always imagined how difficult a task single parenting must be, knowing that you have no one to help share the workload of raising children.

Timothy, was raised by his mother Lois and grandmother Eunice, two remarkable women who taught him love and the fear the Lord.

Whether you are single or not, parenting comes with its challenges. That’s why it is always good to teach children God’s principles from an early age.

The bible says, that we should train up a child in the way they should go and they will never depart from their ways.

The gurus of the world love to tell us how we should be raising our children, but God has given us guidance on parenting.

Lois and Eunice followed God’s way and raised Timothy to be a fine young man who loved the Lord.
He later became a student of the Apostle Paul.

Such Favor!

(1 Samuel 1:11 NIV).

She is an inspiring woman and one women can identify with.

Not only was she in a polygamous marriage, but she was barren.

She lived with a rival wife, who despised her and showed off because she had children.

Fortunately for Hannah, her husband loved her.

Like Hannah, there are many women who desperately want to have children, but are unable to.

Hannah used her faith to pray until God answered her prayers.

Her life was miserable because she had a deep longing to have a child.

In return, she made a promise to dedicate her child to be used of God.
God heard her prayers and granted her wish.

Her son Samuel became one of the greatest prophets in the bible.