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Alone Time

Are you too busy being a wife, mom, friend, sister or partner that you barely have time to yourself? When was the last time you spent the time to catch up with ”you?” We would like to hear from you. Tell us how you spend time with your best friend…you!

Dear Jesus

by Mucha I love that I am able to breath and take in the new fragrance that you have released in the atmosphere. For it is in this fragrance that I have captured your beauty and your never ending love for me. How can it be that you care for me so? You give me…


The last week of Jesus life was filled with political drama as he began his journey into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. The streets were full of people shouting. In the gospel of Mathew, it says that “a very great multitude” had come out to greet Jesus, spreading their garments and the branches of trees before…