See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?

I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.
Isaiah 43:19

I love walking my dog on this route and she loves it too.  It is wonderful to see how nature changes as seasons pass and new ones begin. This picture was taken two days ago, and as I walked, I noticed that the summer colours had now made way for autumn.

 Nature has a way of speaking to us.

I noticed the birds, trees and sky. We have entered into a new wonderful season. Wonderful because its what we make of it.

We have to live in that moment that we find us in. The old has passed.

That’s why God says,

I am doing a new thing in your life but do you perceive it or you are still crying about the season that just passed?

For some, it has been a long summer filled with blue skies, birds chirping, great summer colours and a laid back.

Yet underneath the surface, a new life has been preparing to spring forth and change the course of our lives.

The enemy would have us think that a particular season will never end, but it does cause us to sink deeper into a stance of depression. However, the enemy does not have the final say in your situation, God does. He is causing us to walk in a new season and giving us a new fragrance, a new anointing.

Gather all the strength that you have left and try one more time. The one who promised sure is faithful.

It is a time to leave the shame, secrets, hurts, hang-ups, bad habits, resentment and guilt behind. They will not determine who you are, and they cannot determine what you become. Just shake them off!

God is already doing a new thing in your life. Embrace it and let the Holy Spirit lead you through every twist and turn, as he creates a river in the desert.



So now these things remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love.
1 Corinthians 13:13

The Apostle Paul spoke on these three spiritual gifts. when he addressed the
quarrels that were going on amongst believers at Corinth.
We know that faith and hope gives us strength to overcome in order to see change. However, to walk in love is the greatest of all the gifts. Love conquers all.

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by Mucha

As you keep focused on what you want to achieve in life, you will be able to get
motivated and stay in the game, no matter how hard it gets. You are a go getter and
the world is your canvas. Paint it and leave your mark!

by Mary eisenacher

Dear Jesus,
In a world so full of hate, I come to ask You to give me more love for the unlovely. Teach me Your
ways, as I confront the world with the knowledge of You. I’ve had lots of opportunities lately to
approach people in my past. Sometimes I was able to open up, and other times I didn’t seem to
have anything to say. But, I have so much in my heart that I want to share. Examine my heart and
its motives. I believe there is more room for change, and only You can facilitate what needs

As I’ve walked out what You’ve called me to do, it certainly hasn’t been easy for me. But, out of
Your loving heart You challenged me to new opportunities and adventures. I had to be
repositioned several times – leaving those behind who were not called to go. But, I see Your hand in
my growth all along the way. You helped me to forgive those who positioned themselves against
Your will for me; and I thank You for Your help. Give them more wisdom, and teach them how to
release. For those I’ve been able to help through transitions, I thank You for even more wisdom to
help me point them to You.

Dear Jesus, I ask you to continue to soften my heart with Your oil so that I can have compassion for
unbelievers, backsliders, the sick, the lost, and those who need Your deliverance. Your children
need You – a real relationship with You!

I pray that You will watch over me and continue to give me opportunities to do Your bidding, with
an open and willing heart. Anoint me to walk into the future with joy! I want to be able to express
what a wonderful friend You are to me in such a way that others will want to know You, too.
Thank You for forgiving me for my failures. I receive Your everlasting love with a heart full of
gratitude. You’ve been there for me when I was at my lowest (and also in my highest and most
magnificent times). You truly will never leave me or forsake me. You’ve proven that to me over
and over.

When You give me instruction, help me to walk it out in reverence to You. I don’t want to be so
casual with You that I treat Your Word with anything but respect. I desire to be obedient. I desire
to live for You. It’s only by Your grace that I can continue. So, I receive Your grace right now –
knowing that You ARE with me. Where else could I go in my times of need, but to Your feet.
And, yet You treat me like I am special. Well, You are special to me.

I love You, Dear Jesus.

by Toni Malt

Having joy and happiness every day seems to be quite a simple goal. However, when you
observe how a lot of women go about their daily lives, it appears like they simply do not have
the time for anything that can make them feel cherished, content and grateful.
They mechanically move from one task to another, worried that they will fail at meeting the
demands for their time and skills. Therefore, “smile pursuits” simply have no place in their
everyday routine.
A life that is low on positive thoughts and feelings is no way to live. It is a breeding ground of
serious health issues and it can, likewise, have a detrimental effect on the lives of the people
around you.
Here’s the thing, you deserve a good life.
Whatever you may be going through, you deserve to have joy and feel happy. However, you
need to exert effort and make time for it. Little changes in the way you think and go about your
day to day life can actually have a huge impact.
Here are some of the tweaks that you can execute to create joy and happiness every day.

1. Give thanks.
Count your blessings; for sure, you have a lot. The fact that you can breathe easily is one thing.
The roof above your head, the food on the table, the soft bed you sleep in, how most of the
people you love are not sick — do not take any of these for granted. When you take the time to
be grateful, you allow for joy to thrive and sustain you even in difficult situations.

2. Beautify yourself.
Do not think it superficial and just vanity to care about your physical appearance. Making the
effort to look put together every single day is also a way to show courtesy to others. The right
makeup and clothes show that you believe that the people you deal with deserve a good
version of yourself. You create a win-win situation — you feel good and they feel good.

It’s worth noting as well that taking the time to freshen up your physical appearance can be
quite therapeutic. Twenty minutes of doing your makeup allows you to just focus on just
yourself and being creative as well.
And lastly, self-beautification is not always a physical thing. Reading books to increase your
knowledge and understanding, and helping others even in small ways can make you feel
beautiful and see beauty in others as well.

3. Get rid of clutter and disorder at home.
You can do this alone or hire a professional home cleaning service. A home that is clean and
organized brings peace and joy, and makes creating happy moments a whole lot easier.
By having a well-maintained clutter-free home, you get to keep disease and stress at bay. Your
home is your personal sanctuary, so give it the attention it deserves.

4. Do something you love.
It does not matter what it is, doing makeup, cooking, gardening, journaling, or making crafts,
set aside a few hours every week for something that you love doing. If you can dedicate more
time for these, consider taking classes and really improve your skills.
For example, if you really get a lot of joy in makeup and are passionate about it so you want to
know more, learn advanced techniques through a makeup masterclass. Who knows, the hobby
you enjoy may even earn you some extra money, or launch a new and more fulfilling career for

5. Get enough sleep.
Harvard researchers say that lack of sleep does not only make you irritable, but it can also
compromise your ability to learn and make good decisions. Clearly, having a good disposition
every day is easier when you get enough zzzs at night.
With sufficient sleep, you get up energized and ready to tackle each new day. This can mean
less stress for you and everyone around you.

6. Reevaluate your expectations.
Think carefully if you have improper expectations from yourself, your job, the people around
you, and others because these can bring you frustration and strife. Protect your joy and
happiness by making your expectations completely realistic.
This does not mean you have to strive for less. Be sure to give each task your best; if you
succeed, celebrate and congratulate yourself. If not, learn what you can from the experience,
and then move on.

7. Make it a habit to share.
Share food, your time, valuable information, and others. Sharing does not result in loss. On the
contrary, it can fill you with positive feelings that bring a smile to your face, warmth in your
heart, and a spring to your step. What’s more, by sharing, you also get to give others joy.
Indeed, it is important to pursue joy and happiness in everyday life because doing so yields
beauty and can give you strength that will not only benefit you but everyone around you, too.
You only live once; live it happy.

Toni Malt is the Middle East’s leading international editorial makeup artist and the woman
behind the highly anticipated Toni Malt Makeup Academy in the heart of Dubai, now training
the next generation of key makeup artists. From minimalistic looks to freestyle artistic
creations, Toni’s creative work has been published in top international fashion magazines
around the world including VOGUE, ELLE, L’Officiel, Marie Claire, Harper’s BAZAAR, Grazia and