Hallo Beautiful

Today’s nugget is to encourage you to connect with people who are going somewhere!

Ruth connected to Naomi who led her to Boaz. She bore a son, and named him Obed, who is the
the father of Jesse and grandfather of David – who is in the direct line (geaneology) of the Messaiah, JESUS CHRIST!

When Ruth connected with someone who was going somewhere (Naomi), there occurred a

paradigm shift which is defined as one way of thinking to another and in that instant changed the future generations to come.

How awesome is that!
Look around you and identify people you want to connect with. Not everyone you are connected to is going somewhere, so pick and choose where you want to go in life, and go for it!

Father I pray that you begin to connect me with people that are going somewhere in your kingdom.
I pray that you begin to clean up our lives and remove people that are keeping us stagnant.
(ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you who you need to walk away from, and OBEY).

I pray that all the Ruths find their Boaz and change their future as they step into it by the power of the Holy Spirit.

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