The Desert

by guest blogger Shelly Wilson YOU ARE NO LONGER IN THE DESERT! The streams have replenished your heart and Christ has nudged you onward. There are now fields of blooming flowers so delicate to the touch, yet each are flourishing. His Word has proven true and faithful and His power accompanies you as you come onto the scene. While many have survived on mere locusts and honey, if you will, Jesus has been preparing them in a hidden cave. Every place of comfort has been demolished and a fresh wind has blown in something astounding. “No eye has seen and … Continue reading The Desert

So, you are still in love with Jesus, right?

by Guest blogger Linda Mhlanga What has been my love walk with my Creator ? After all these years of being in a relationship with the Almighty do I love him more now? After deliberate and careful thought on this I came to the realisation that I have fallen out of love with God. My feelings are not the same anymore. I no longer see Him in the same light as I used to. For me, being in love with God has not been without its challenges. I have felt like the side chick many a time! Our relationship has … Continue reading So, you are still in love with Jesus, right?

Dear Jesus-April

Father, we position ourselves not just to pray, but also prepare ourselves to receive from you. Sometimes, it feels like you are far away and our prayers are not being answered. Yet we know that you hear and answer all prayers, so we will wait on you. Thank you that you are restoring women to begin to share ideas and bring a divine shift into new territories. Seasons have changed and you are releasing your Grace for women to do extraordinary things. Give us a patient and kind spirit as we wait upon your promises and allow us to see … Continue reading Dear Jesus-April

Dear Woman

One of our regular sections in the magazine is called “Dear Woman.” This is a section that we dedicate for women to write a letter to other women to encourage and inspire through their own experiences. You can also share information on the following categories: Beauty Food Bible verses Advice Health tips send to Continue reading Dear Woman

Follow your dreams

It’s great to be back and blogging. Its been quite a while since I actually posted something. Listen, there is so much going on that if we are not careful, we will lose our focus and forget our original dreams and visions we once were passionate about. Be careful to not just feed other people’s dreams and forget about your own. There must be a balance and of course, prioritising is key in maintaining a healthy flow with others. There is a tendency for some to think that their dreams are more important than yours! Make sure you are not … Continue reading Follow your dreams

Getting over yourself

Hi there Do you think that sometimes we get so caught up in ourselves that we fail to see whats going on with other people? I know I am not the only one who struggles with balancing time away from everything that involves me, causing a spiritual blindness that can keep me focusing only on what ” I” need to do . My problems, my children, my struggles, my inadequacy, my, my, my! It’s like there are not enough hours in the day to stretch myself and just chit chat with a friend, or visit someone. I am reminded in … Continue reading Getting over yourself