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Today is a new day, and with guidance from the word of God, you will create a happy and fulfilling life. Gone are the insecurities and procrastinations of yesterday.

You have the power to change your life to create a powerful revolving force to the world.

You have everything that you need to succeed right inside of you. I love positive affirmations because they open up doors for great things to happen. The bible is full of them. There is something about saying them out loudly that makes you want to just say,

bring it on!

We need to wire our mind to receive affirmations and process them in our daily walk.

Greater is He that is within me than he that is in the world.

Wow! That word/affirmation right there gives me courage and hope to not be afraid!!

Learn to say your affirmations out to yourself.  You can stand in front of the mirror and encourage yourself.

Here is a list of some great affirmations that you can learn to use on a daily basis:

I am a strong powerful woman.

I choose to release all hurt and resentment

All is well

I choose to forgive myself and set myself  free

If God is for me, who can be against me!

I am wonderfully and fearfully made

I am a child of God

My thoughts do not control me, I control my thoughts by renewing my mind

I am fulfilling my purpose in this world

Make it a habit to always speak positively about yourself and others and  you will begin to see your life through new eyes.





by Muchastory_201909231829165682599522242979638.jpgHappiness is a state of mind.

You can be struggling in many areas of your life, but happy.

We choose to either let situations bring us down, or to maintain a happy mindset despite what’s going on. The greatest way to stay happy is by giving thanks with a full grateful heart, not for what you lack, but for what you have!

There is a tendency of people focusing on the things they do not have and that causes happiness to go out the window! The big green monster starts to show up and all sorts of negative mindsets set in.

Avoid that at all costs!

When you begin to be grateful for all the things you have, you will find yourself in a much better place and state of mind.

So are you remembering to give thanks?

by Mucha

story_15692589544438317485668562001185.jpgJust at reminder dear friends that no matter what is going on in the natural, God is with us. Sometimes, the circumstances we find ourself in, blind us from the God who promised to look out after every detail of our life.

Never despair, and never get desperate.

He is aware of what you are going through and will see you through.

I remember a time in my life, where everything seemed dark and hopeless, but God came with his light and gave me hope and courage.

So wherever you are today, don’t let the current situation threaten your happiness and ability to live a full life grounded on the word of God.

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