Procrastination is defined as

to keep delaying  something that must be done, often because it is  unpleasant  or boring:

It is when we know what we have to do, but allow a thousand distractions that take away the focus we need to accomplish our task.

Sounds familiar?

There is a danger that sometimes later becomes NEVER!

That is why it is not good to procrastinate for too long! It’s better to start doing the task in small bits than not starting at all.

Managing your environment and making visible planning are good steps to come out of this.

So why do we procrastinate?

Is it because of fear and insecurity, or just pure indecisiveness? Some of us love to work under the ”last minute rush”, leaving everything for the eleventh hour.

To be honest, everyone procrastinates, but there are those who will never complete their task. They keep pushing things to a later date, time, season, year and end up never accomplishing what they started out to do.

Which one are you?