The valley of Baca

Who passing through the valley of Baca make it a well; the rain also filleth the pools” (Psalm 84:6).

The meaning of ”the valley of baca”, is the place of weeping, suffering, or a spiritually dead state. Baca was actually a valley near Jerusalem and probably was a place where many Israelites had to pass on their pilgrimage to Jerusalem, in a dry, arid place that made their journey very difficult .

As you pass through this difficult dark valley, never forget the story of Daniel and the Hebrew boys who were thrown into the fire because they refused to worship a man/king. The hottest fire could not touch these young men as their allegiance was fully to the the Living God.

There was a fourth man in the fire!

They were not alone, Jesus stood with them in the furnace and was their protector. Whatever you are facing right now, call God into your valley and let him deal with your suffering. He is faithful and true and will never leave you alone nor forsake you.

Trust in him, trust that he has control of all aspects of the valley of baca, and he will make a well in your desert and fill it with pools of living waters. He will give you a place of respite so that you can drink and regain your strength for the journey ahead.

Keep gazing upon him and him alone. He’s got this!