by Kudzie Phiri

Do not all things begin in the spirit realm before they manifest in the physical?

Nowadays we seem to focus on what we call the development of the mind so as to attain some level of materialistic success whilst the spiritual things have been equated to the “spooky”.

In fact, those that spend more time searching the heart of the father are said to be too spiritual with no earthly relevance.

What has happened to the clear line between carnality and godliness?

Without the fundamental principles of Christ we cannot fully develop the mind of man, for the word says “let this mind of Christ be in you”, what is the mind of Christ?

Why do we need the mind of Christ?

Without relationship and searching out his heart how can we then know the mind of Christ and how can that mind be in us?

You become a lot like those you spend most of your time with…

So what is the role of Worship?

Worship develops every aspect of a man.


Worship moves your desire to the center of your affection; it gravitates towards God and that which pertains to Him. Worship opens spiritual portals that allow us to access not only the glory of God but also the brilliance of God.

It was the idea all along; the Father’s original intent. Worship takes you back to Eden. Eden was the place where Adam could access the brilliance of the God in Him, he was truly like God.

The environment was wired in a way that man could be like God and it was also activated and fueled by worship. Worship was and is a daily engagement in which man encounters God and seeks for intimacy with him.