Worship God

by Yolanda Sherman

There are many ways to worship God and there are no limitations.

One way worship is defined is to adore, obey, reverence, and to focus positive attention on. Any action or attitude that expresses praise, love, and appreciation for God.

You can worship him in a public or private setting. People that love God honor him in every area of their lives on a daily basis. Worship is like the very air that you breathe, you cant live without it.You must be keen to the spirit of God because it provokes you into worship.

Being keen means that you must be sensitive to the Presence of God. When you feel a tugging in your spirit to worship that is God drawing you into his presence. A strong spirit to worship will feel like a strong urge to seek God or experience him without limitations.

That means without thinking where you are and who’s looking. When worship hits your spirit you may find it hard to control yourself. Though the spirit of worship works in people differently it will always bring you into the presence of God.

Your worship should not be conditional and should be away of celebrating the love that you have for God.