Get supercharged!

by Mucha

I want to encourage women today, that this is your hour to shine. Your time for deliverance and clarity has come and God is looking for women who are no longer afraid. These are his ambassadors to places far and wide.

God is a covenant keeping God and is calling women to go deeper into the secret place, where He will reveal what is to come.

He created the heavens and the earth and wants you to partake of his kingdom plan. It is a glorious time as women unite and create strong kingdom bonds. This is the time to seize the moment and grab everything that the Lord has for you today.

As you surrender, the Holy Spirit will come into your life and literally invade it with his goodness. He has seen your tears as you wept in the secret place.

He has heard you as you sobbed me, remember me, heal me, deliver me,

He knows that have done everything you know to do;

You have prayed, fasted, and waited

 But now, this is your time for a breakthrough miracle!

I declare that you are rising from the ashes and taking hold of your destiny.

The angels are ready to hand over blessings.

Take off your grave clothes!  Your deliverance draweth nigh!

Listen, it doesn’t matter:

who you are, or 

where you have been 

or what you have done or 

where you come from. 

What matters is that you say yes to the Lord.

God wants to reconcile you to him, through the power of the Cross. You are are his child and worthy of all his promises. Just open your heart today and trust him. Your level of expectation from the Lord must increase in this hour. If you know God’s nature, you will increase your faith and you will do great and mighty things.

From Genesis to Revelation he is the God that never fails.

I encourage you to open up your heart and let the King of glory come in. He is not done with you yet.  There is still so much more for you.

Friend, I know that your trails are real. Believe me, I do! Mine are real too. There are some days that are just gloomy and the weight of life falls like a ton of bricks.

Sickness is real; Death is real; Pain and betrayal are real; a marriage falling apart is real, unemployment is real.

But, in these dark times, God is even more real. I choose to trust that He will do what he said he would do. It’s in his word. Be encouraged.