The goodness of the Lord

Looking back at my life

Looking back at my life, I can certainly say that God has been good. When I look at the goodness of the Lord over the years, my heart is filled with gratitude. Yes, God has been with me through every trail and storm and through every Mountain and valley. That is why I am here today, faithfully being moulded by the potters hands. This is where I belong, a place of comfort and safety. Though it seems like he is sometimes

nowhere to be found, I know he is there, quietly listening. My heart seeks him passionately, longing to find the one Who has loved me so. He is never far, just a whisper away.

King David wrote it so well, the Lord is My shepard, I shall not want…

He is a good shepard. His sheep hear his voice and they answer.

Kadosh, Kadosh. Holy, Holy is his name. Yeshua, Jesus.