Sing your song in 2020

Let us give thanks and praise as we møve towards the end of another year. God has been faithful.

For most of you, this has been a difficult challenging year, where you have had lots of struggles and challenges.

Personally, I classify 2019 as a very challenging year where I have had to withdraw from a lot of activities and distractions to remain true to whom God has called me to be.

Yet, despite everything, you and I are still here and God’s breath is in us

The bible says,

let everything that has breath praise the Lord.

Psalm 150:6

Therefore we must receive him and sing a new song as we make our declaration for the upcoming year.

What challenged you this year has prepared you to face the new year with more boldness and courage.

There will be no retreat and no surrender, neither will you go round the same mountain over and over again. That wandering spirit has been broken by the power of him who paid the price for your freedom.

His love surpasses everything and his BANNER of love is over you.
Receive his love, as he releases you to become who you were originally meant to be. Nothing can come against his plan for you. The birth of Christ is a declaration in itself that he came to set us free from every sin and bondage. Receive your new birth and sing your song.

He knew you when you were in your mother’s womb, He has called you by name, you belong to him .”