Dear Woman-Finding peace

Dear Woman

You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You. Isaiah 26:3

Do you agree that our world has become too loud and interferes in how we perceive things around us in our daily walk?

I use the term ”our world”, because we are a part of this huge puzzle called the ”world”. Every piece is struggling to find its place and fit into this big puzzle and sometimes it causes us to lose sight of

”why we are” and ”where we are going.”

If you have ever felt the desire to curl up in bed, shut down your social media and just hang out with yourself, then you have experience what I call


I believe that you should have the possibility of having ”time-out” in order to rest, reflect and get back in touch with your reality, at your pace.

If you don’t, you can suffer serious consequences of losing yourself and becoming someone that you never intended to be.


Lord, help me keep my focus on you so that I may find peace in a world that is moving at fast pace. Quieten my thoughts as I seek you and lead me to a place where I dwell in your tranquility, knowing that you are in full control of my life. I give myself time-out to rest, reflect and hear your voice as you speak to me and show me the way, in Jesus name, amen.