Remember your worth

I think its really sad to see someone lose themselves. Especially someone you have known. Life comes with lots of burdens and somehow along the way, you can lose yourself and forget that you are worth more than rubies. You are special in God’s Kingdom, that is why he left the 99 to go and find the one who was lost and alone.

Don’t allow people to treat you like you are worth nothing. You are a chosen daughter of the the King and should never let anyone tell you otherwise. Just because you have a big heart it does not mean that people should take advantage of you., especially in relationships. If you are not appreciated and always treated like you are worth nothing, then it’s time to leave. Life was not meant for you to cry everyday. Being in a relationship was not meant to be difficult nor complicated. When two people are in love there is always a way to find compromise in trying circumstances.

There are so many people that are in the wrong relationships. Wrong, because they have accepted that

that is the way he talks to me”

That is not the case. No one should talk to you with no respect and call you names!

As we enter the month of September, I pray that is the month you will take a stand and refuse to be treated like a door mat.

This is your time to remember who you are. You are an intelligent woman who is kind, not stupid. Begin to know your worth and rise above abuse, because that is what it is.