Daily Achievements..Happiness

We were born to be on the move and to be creative with our time and determine what our goals are for the day. Everyone wakes up in order to do something. The choice would be whether its something positive or not. Just choosing to wake up happy is a great achievement.
I must admit that I am one of those people that needs to work on my happy face when I wake up! I believe that keeping things simple will make us achieve more on a daily basis. Our happiness determines who we become and how we will spend the rest of the day. To be happy is now. As you are reading this, ask yourself if you are happy and if not, ask yourself why you are not happy. That is the way forward. Knowing. Each day is a blessing to embrace and appreciate the day. Sometimes it’s hard to feel happy when things are not going well. That too will pass. A state of happiness is being content with the life that you have and making the best out of it. You may not have cracked the code to happiness yet, but with help from above, you will be okay…

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