Rebuilding the altar

Elijah was raised up to rebuild the altar because man had broken their covenant with God.

There is so much going on in the world.

Is it due to the fact that man has again broken their covenant with God?

God is a covenant keeping God and he has never broken his covenant with man.

Elijah confronted Ahab, the king of Israel. He also confronted the false priests and prophets of Jezebel that had led the people astray.

In the bible, we read that Elijah restored the altar of God again.

It is time for families, churches, cities and nations to restore the altar!

God is raising up Elijah*s in every nation, who love God and His Church. They are not afraid to risk their lives to restore man’s covenant with God.

They will preach repentance and the Cross… The  shed blood of Jesus.

An altar is a place of sacrifice. It is a meeting place with God.

I pray that you rebuild the altar in your life and begin to see the power of the Cross work mightily on your behalf.

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