Dear Jesus

by Mary Eisenacher

How I love your mercy, Jesus.

So many challenges have come my way lately, and with some I have
passed the test – and some not.

So glad you love me, Lord!!!

I know many are going through much with their families and friends right now, and I see the need for them to run to You for counsel. I find myself running to you often these days. I’m so glad that you are always available. As my mind races for solutions to relationship differences, I have to turn it over to You, Jesus. My solutions have no validity.

I’m going to continue to ask You for wisdom in the midst of my turmoil. Lord, You are always so fair. I’m seeing that although I’m special to You, so are others. So, I realize my job is to look to the good in them and draw it out in prayer and actions. Help me to be compassionate and loving. Put a watch over my mouth when I want to respond in an unlovely manner.