Dear Jesus-In a world full of hate

by Mary eisenacher

Dear Jesus,
In a world so full of hate, I come to ask You to give me more love for the unlovely. Teach me Your
ways, as I confront the world with the knowledge of You. I’ve had lots of opportunities lately to
approach people in my past. Sometimes I was able to open up, and other times I didn’t seem to
have anything to say. But, I have so much in my heart that I want to share. Examine my heart and
its motives. I believe there is more room for change, and only You can facilitate what needs

As I’ve walked out what You’ve called me to do, it certainly hasn’t been easy for me. But, out of
Your loving heart You challenged me to new opportunities and adventures. I had to be
repositioned several times – leaving those behind who were not called to go. But, I see Your hand in
my growth all along the way. You helped me to forgive those who positioned themselves against
Your will for me; and I thank You for Your help. Give them more wisdom, and teach them how to
release. For those I’ve been able to help through transitions, I thank You for even more wisdom to
help me point them to You.

Dear Jesus, I ask you to continue to soften my heart with Your oil so that I can have compassion for
unbelievers, backsliders, the sick, the lost, and those who need Your deliverance. Your children
need You – a real relationship with You!

I pray that You will watch over me and continue to give me opportunities to do Your bidding, with
an open and willing heart. Anoint me to walk into the future with joy! I want to be able to express
what a wonderful friend You are to me in such a way that others will want to know You, too.
Thank You for forgiving me for my failures. I receive Your everlasting love with a heart full of
gratitude. You’ve been there for me when I was at my lowest (and also in my highest and most
magnificent times). You truly will never leave me or forsake me. You’ve proven that to me over
and over.

When You give me instruction, help me to walk it out in reverence to You. I don’t want to be so
casual with You that I treat Your Word with anything but respect. I desire to be obedient. I desire
to live for You. It’s only by Your grace that I can continue. So, I receive Your grace right now –
knowing that You ARE with me. Where else could I go in my times of need, but to Your feet.
And, yet You treat me like I am special. Well, You are special to me.

I love You, Dear Jesus.