The Desert

by guest blogger Shelly Wilson


The streams have replenished your heart and Christ has nudged you onward. There are now fields of blooming flowers so delicate to the touch, yet each are flourishing. His Word has proven true and faithful and His power accompanies you as you come onto the scene. While many have survived on mere locusts and honey, if you will, Jesus has been preparing them in a hidden cave.

Every place of comfort has been demolished and a fresh wind has blown in something astounding.

“No eye has seen and no ear has heard”

-is a constant whisper from the Heavenly Father. There is no more need for worldly accolades. No provision o’ered outside His hand that can entice you to get o’ your post. No, He is the only voice you shall cherish and heed.The desert poured echoes of voices, both good and evil.

It was a training exercise to teach you the Shepherd’s voice more intimately.

It broke you.

It broke your reliance on people, your desire for reputation, and any need for man’s approval. The wind-storms in the desert were scorching. For a time, water was scarce and you felt you might die of thirst. But the living water of His Word quenched every thirst and you dug deeper into the very life of His treasured heart. The winds stirred like a tornado and He taught you how to see doctrines of the devil.

Doctrines you had been taught since birth.

Many distorted and coming from origins of wickedness and agendas sent by the enemy.

It was heartbreaking to see the bondage placed on God’s people in the name of Jesus. Here, you saw His grief.You walked and talked for miles in the hot sand over mountain after mountain so Christ could show you from up high the broken down walls of His church.

He wept with you as He called you to prepare for battle. He rehearsed over and over His heart and His truth as He uncovered what was in the darkness. Your training in the desert involved bows and arrows as He taught you what it meant to be His polished arrow.

You learned the heart of the Master Archer and the importance of Him tucking you into His quiver for a season.Then one day, suddenly, He walked you to the edge of the desert and said, YOU ARE READY!

Tears swelled in your eyes as you looked into His heart. He showed you the meadows full of unique landscapes. They were waiting for the deep waters of His rain to pour upon them. They were a bit dry and struggling to grow.

His hand began to move across the field as He said, “It’s time for the harvesting.” He nods for you to move into the land, and you hear Him whisper.

“Be strong and courageous, I am with you.”

As you walk forward into the most glorious field of flowers, fear tries to stop you. You look over your shoulder to see a Heavenly host behind you with their swords drawn.

You are not alone.

They have been commanded to guard you in all your ways and your heart is overcome with joy and peace. You whisper to yourself and to Jesus, “Goodbye desert.

Thank you for the training.

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