For the past two years, I have found myself drawn to the subject of Grace. When I wrote the song Touch of Grace, I believe the Lord opened my eyes and began teaching me about Grace.

Grace has been defined as

God's unmerited favor. 

That definition alone creates so much excitement in the body of Christ.

Yet despite Grace’s enabling qualities we find it used to justify sin and unlawful ungodly acts.

They say that through grace we can sin and still be covered. I have always had a problem with that line of thinking because

Jesus said, “if you love me you will keep my word.”

Dr Mensa Otabil also put it like this,
“under grace an even higher standard has been set that we do not sin.”


Under grace, through the blood of Jesus, lies a greater relationship with the creator that had not been since the garden of Eden, where we not only call him

”Abba Father”

but we also have an intimate relationship with God.

Joyce Meyer said under grace we understand that we have a power that enables us not to sin.

His sacrifice for us has opened a greater opportunity for any or all man to fellowship with Him.

Under grace we have an opportunity to know Him more, to have deep personal encounters.

You may be like the Apostle Paul on the road to Damascus.

Grace is speaking, calling you to come home and become one with Christ that you too may know Him.

Grace the enabling power that releases God’s unmerited favor over you was freely given to you through our Saviour’s sacrifice.

So much to touch on the matter, so many angles to look into but for today my point is:

Grace now speaks over your life will you hear and obey?

For some, you merely have to allow grace to speak over you!

Remember Jesus paid the price- get to know him and watch grace at work in your life.

The struggle is over only if you allow grace to work in you through Faith!

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