Do you believe?

When we are faced with something that really scares us, do we really believe that

God can do what He said he can do in his word?


 This is something that we will face and how we come out of it will depend on how we position ourselves.

Are we going to pray, declare and decree his word over the situation, or are we going to try and seek help from other sources?

However, do not be quick to judge others that seem to be groping for answers and reassurance from other people. Reassure them that if they ask God for help, he will answer.

The test is do we really believe in God’s power to move and shift things for us, in order to get what we are asking for?

Child of God, in everything we face, we must learn to position ourselves in prayer. The courts of heaven are ready to hear our petition.

Jesus said that it was to our advantage that he goes away, because if he did not go away then the helper would not come.

John 16:7

The Holy Spirit is our helper.

He takes what he hears the Father say about you in your situation and he reveals it to you. The world will try and give you answers for your situation, or your feelings and emotions will want to detect to you.

Neither the world, your emotions nor your feelings are the truth!

The Spirit of Truth is the only one who can reveal or tell you exactly what is going on and how to deal with it.

So, whatever you are facing today, take time to ask the Holy Spirit to speak on your behalf.

Satan is the father of lies and is the master deceiver.

But he know that when you seek the truth from the Holy Spirit , all his lies will be exposed and he will again be reminded that he was defeated on the cross so many years ago! He hates that!

I declare and decree that you will use the authority that Christ gave you on the cross to overcome.



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