Beautiful & Unique

Yes, that’s you!

Obviously, you have heard it many times before but let’s talk about this.

Take a moment to look around you, wherever you are. Notice that everyone is different in their own special way?

My question to all our differences is:
How can it be that we are all so different?

The answer always goes back to the fact that God is awesome!
He created us in His image, beautiful and unique.

I remember walking into a women’s conference where I had been invited as a guest speaker. There were several speakers and every one of them had been invited to share their story.

As I sat there and listened to these amazing women, it hit me how we were all so different in our styles of presenting our message. Each one of us had our own unique way of sharing God’s message. Because of that it became a rich experience to be a part of.

I believe that we are all being called to arise and use our gifts.

So much is going on in the world that many women feel intimidated to step out of the box and be who they are called to be.

There are many ”gurus” out there trying to get your attention by defining who you should be or look like.

Why should we all be the same?

We were created to stand out in our uniqueness.

The only attention we need is that of our loving Father.

We are in process of transitioning as the Holy Spirit leads us and reveals our true identity.

God is calling women to go on a journey with Him as he transforms you so that you can do great and mighty things.

Don’t fit into a box!

Be original.

Whatever you have been called to do, do it your way!

Can you imagine if we all looked the same and did the same things?

How boring would that be?

We are not a copy of anyone!

God loves us just the way we are.

Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.’’

John 15:13

So, you have been through some bad stuff….

Sometimes these things change us so that we end up becoming someone else:

The bitter ex-wife/…

The grieving partner…

The betrayed one…

The rejected one…

Pain changes us, but let it change us for the better!

Imagine how Jesus must have felt at His darkest moment on the cross.

We have to receive His mercy so that He can set us free and transform us into His beautiful and unique women.
You are good enough the way you are.

When we find that peace in Him, we begin to be creative and do extraordinary things.

Don’t hide your talent or play it down. You were created for greatness.

In Him, you have been found worthy.

I encourage you to look in the mirror every day and say out loud,

I am beautiful and unique and I am who God says I am!

No more regrets, bitterness, guilt or shame.

You will rise up and live the life that God wants you to have.

God loves you just the way you are!


Peace & Love,


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