We begin the New Year with a resolution to eat better,

exercise more and lose weight.


We go shopping and buy the workout attire, join a gym and vow to stop eating badly and start eating and drinking things that we normally would never ingest.

Several weeks later and life is moving faster and faster and we haven’t been to the gym.

We stop doing meal preps and begin to grab food through the drive-through.

Doughnuts are our breakfast and that 5lbs we lost to become a 10lb gain. We begin to go back to our old habits and we feel like failures.

We have all the excuses, we work a lot, we are tired, eating healthy costs a lot more, we have children and it’s too hard.

Our family won’t change like the foods, we don’t have time for meal prep…..there are so many more. But none of those excuses helps us get to our goal!

So what do we do, how do we get back on that path of healthy living and stay on it and become our own cheerleader?

First, we must change our mindset, one missed day at the gym is not a failure.

When we miss a workout fit in elsewhere.

Start parking further from the door of the store.

Take the stairs at work, or during your break at work, walk for 15min.

Housework is a workout, put on ankle weights while cleaning. while watching TV, during commercials, walk or jog in place.

There are many ways to fit in 30 minutes a day to your regular routine and not feel like you have failed. Every day that you are moving around you is winning!!

Another thing is to drink more water, leave a bottle by your bedside and drink it first thing in the morning. I know it’s room temperature and it doesn’t taste good.

The benefits are amazing, it helps you keep hydrated all day.
When making food choices, chose more fruits and vegetables and lean meats.

Cut out the carbohydrates in everything.

I didn’t say stop eating them, just reduce your intake of them.

So double on your vegetable servings, snack on fruits and vegetables.

It will be hard at first but it will soon become a habit. Take the stairs and park further from the door.

One mistake is not a failure, you always have the chance to start over. So your goal is to be happy even if you ate one cookie…it’s just one cookie!

Celebrate your small accomplishments and don’t highlight your failures.

Use every opportunity to take care of yourself.

Weight loss doesn’t happen overnight!

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