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So our girl Deborah is that one chick in the fourth chapter of the Book of Judges who seems to be on every Christian women’s poster…

Deborah Conference twenty seventeen”

or, “The Anointing of Deborah Gathering Annual Revival”, or perhaps you’ve seen something close to, “All Deborahs Unite Meeting Brunch and Breakthrough”… Okay, the exaggerations are a bit excessive…but you get the point 🙂

Like, if we’re not talking Esther, or the Proverbs 31 woman, for poster tag-lines, Deborah is definitely next in line!

Or should we say first-in-line?

Everyone, it seems…wants a piece of her, or her anointing…mainly because she was the only Female Judge who appears in the OT AND was also a Prophetess (a real one), AND also a Judge, a Counsellor, and a Warrior, who helped lead her people’s army into battle and..WON! She was all of that. And she was all that.

In this post let’s look at the first 3 tips we can learn from Deborah’s character (we’ll call her Deb for short), to apply in our own lives which will help us to sift out the wrong voices and truly hear God’s Rhema Word (His clear, Spoken Word) for our personal lives.

  • Numero Uno. Number One :

Silence Speaks Volumes.

The Book of Judges, Chapter 4, begins like this- (well, maybe in less contemporary terms), “And the people of Israel MESSED UP AGAIN…and so God allowed them to be AGAIN sold into slavery, this time to a King called Jabin who had his commanding officer, Sisera, oppress them regularly.”

Yikes. Strike Number
“We-can’t-even-keep-count-of” against God by His own people.

  • Now in their oppression, they obviously cried out to Him, but God did not answer them immediately.

For the most part, it seemed like God was silent to their suffering. In fact, it appears that God was so silent, that they continued to worship their idols and false gods. But there was one woman, whose profession reflected that God’s “Silence” was not synonymous to abandonment.

Deb was out there, helping, counseling, loving on people and reaffirming the Law and the Wisdom of God in the hearts of the Israelites.

  • Lesson 1:
    When it seems like God appears to be silent in one area of your life, especially the areas where you’re so looking forward to hearing Him speak on, remember that His “Silence” should not be a doorway for you to regress from the Faith like the Israelites. On the other hand, God’s seeming “silence” in one area of your life is an opportunity for you to tune in to His Word, like Deb, and serve and honor Him regardless of the trial.

We’re better poised than she was in her time. We have the Holy Spirit living in us.

We have more than we could ever ask for. In His Silence, we must intentionally practice gratefulness and remember His goodness, and intentionally Serve Him because that is essentially what we’re called for.

It’s easy to say  God is good” in good times…but will we also sing with passion

My God is Awesome” in difficult times?

Let’s remember this as #SelflessServitude.

  • Number two;
    Flush out the junk. Remember those idols that the Israelites had which were distracting them from the Presence of God? Huuge, no-no. The text says that they did “evil” and were so consumed by their own passions, that they fell right into their enemy’ hands.
  • Likewise, these 21st-century idols (insert your idols here*) that WE have, that distract our minds from God??

Maaajor no-no. Like Deb, whose wisdom reflected her personal relationship with God, we must remain focused on Him and flush out all junk from our lives. Some of us don’t suffer from food toxins as much as we suffer from visual and aural toxins.

We rarely gauge what we expose ourselves to:

we watch everything, peruse everything, click on everything, scroll through everything, follow everyone, listen to everything, and rarely filter what we expose our eyes and ears to.

  • When our ears begin to pick up the beat of an unknown rhythm, that of the Great Deceiver, then when the Master calls, we’re too busy grooving to the tune of the enemy. We then end up saying things like,

Why is God Silent!” the real question is,

“Whose voice are we attuned to?”

Wisdom, integrity, and steadfastness in the faith, as exemplified by Deb, requires us to fast from, minimize, and sometimes entirely get rid of all the distractions that may lead to a regression in our Faith. Let’s call this #CleaningupourCloset.

  • And last but not least, we must: Develop the Art of TRULY Listening.

Would you call yourself a great listener?
Do you listen to someone for 10 mins only for them to finish and for you to get your own point across?

Do you rehearse your response even while they speak so you know exactly what you’re going to say when they eventually stop talking?

Do you wait for them to finish, so you could “help” them, by sharing a similar experience YOU had?

*Red flag!

We’ve all been guilty of all of the above.

  • We come to understand that, in the few lines in which Deb’s character appears, Listening is beyond simply ‘hearing’. Listening involves, Wisdom, Presence, Patience, Understanding, Validation, Truth, Empathy, Reproof…

Listening is an Art.

No wonder people, great and small, would come from all over to receive Deb’s counsel. She was an amazing listener.

She didn’t only hear people out, she listened to them. She was so good at listening, God spoke dropped downloads in her Spirit about a strategy for victory in a war, she took it up, obeyed and everything that was prophesied through her came to pass. Whoah.
How powerful is your listening?


Deb’s voice was powerful because her ability to listen was powerful.

When she spoke people listened because she knew how to listen.

Now she wouldn’t have been great at that if she didn’t know how to flush out the junk, and if she didn’t know how to be silent.

Like Deb, we need to kill the noise and practice the Great Art of truly listening, because our voices are only as powerful as our listening. Let’s remember this one as #hushupandListen…

As Believers, may we remain faithful in serving God, even when we feel that He is silent.

May we do that by flushing out the junk and distraction in our lives in order to truly listen and hear everything He may be trying to speak to us about. Stay blessed and encouraged and we’ll catch you in the Next Post with the four final tips from Deb!

In Love,

Eve Redefined