by Mucha

One of my favorite verses in the bible is found in the book of Revelations where it says,

The Spirit and the Bride say come!

It is an invitation for the bride (the body of Christ) to come into an intimate companionship with the Holy Spirit.

The Apocalypse is the book of the one who is yet to come. It is a wonderful invitation that is open to anyone who wants (thirsts) for more of God

. An excellent picture of the word ”thirst” is illustrated in Psalm 42:1

As the deer pants (thirsts) for the water brooks, so pants my soul for You, O God. ”

There is so much joy in living when we invite him to lead us and give us hope in difficult circumstances.

As the Holy Spirit invites everyone to come, he reminds us, that the wall that separated man from God was torn down and we now have direct access to the Throne of God.

We have been delivered and set free from whatever it is that has come against us.

All that is required of us is to come to him as we are, and he will do the rest.

May I encourage you this day, to thirst for more of him and allow him to participate in your life.

Hoping that you get inspired and empowered through the amazing life-changing word of God.

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