Old Friend

Recently, I contacted an old friend I had not seen for a very long time.

I guess you must be wondering why we haven’t kept in touch for so long, but there is really no answer to that.

Life happened.

Years went by and we got caught up in doing life, raising children, working.

We had had our good times before, but then we had relocated and the distance had come between us.

One day, I began to think about her. How I missed her.

Where was she? How was she?

After a few weeks, I finally called her.

She was extremely happy to hear from me. It was just like old times as if time had stood still.

We talked for a while and caught up on all the years we had not seen each other.

We concluded that it had been 12 years since we spoke.


So much had happened.

I was sad when she told me that she had suffered from depression and that she had recently come home from the hospital.

The pressures of life had had its toll on her she told me.

The divorced was hard on her

My heart sunk with guilt.

Why had I not kept in contact with her?

I should have been there for her as she was alone and facing this terrible darkness.

She laughed and told me that her mind was not cooperating with her.

She was unable to think straight, let alone work as she also suffered from fear and anxiety.


We chatted a little while longer.

She told me that my call had brought some sunshine into her otherwise dark days.

.her words not mine.

I am grateful that I listened to my heart and gave her a call. She gave me something to think about and work on.

The lesson I learnt from all this.

Keep in touch with your friends, you never know what they are going through.  Life is full of mountains and valleys. A friend is there throughout.