By Mucha

We were two strangers that bumped into each other the other day. It was easy to start a conversation and before long, she started to tell her life’s story.

I heard her say sentences such as:

My family doesn’t care for me, all they want is money..

and..I can’t be around my family because they are jealous of me…

Her body language was tense as she spoke, but at the same time, there was such a sadness around her. As I watched her talk, I couldn’t help but ponder on what she had been through

She kept on referring to

The things she was carrying in her suitcase.

In other words, the baggage she was dragging around in life.

I noticed that most of the things that she told me about had happened yesrs ago.

She used sentences such as

Some years ago, or,

last time I met them..

I listened attentively wondering why she was telling me her story….me, a total stranger. But I have learnt in life, that when someone pours out their heart to you, its because they need someone to listen.

So, I listened.

No interruptions, no questions.

Maybe a raised eyebrow here and there, but I was all ears.

I have a lot of stuff in my suitcase

She kept on saying this.

Finally, she mentioned that her grown-up son had advised her to

let it all go and dump the suitcase

. Thats was the moment I spoke.

I said, your son has a point. Let it all go. It will free you and give you peace.

We went our separate ways. Maybe we will never meet again. But I know one thing for sure. She was getting ready to…..dump the suitcase.

Hope you are too!

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