By Mucha

I was watching a childrens movie with my 11 year old daughter, about a princess trapped in the land of the giants. The giants were much bigger than her, mean as hell….(I knew someone who always used to say this) and were ready to devour her. Her efforts to fight them off were useless, she was powerless in front of them. Of course someone came to save her in the movie. A young witty lad who would eventually fall in love with her..

Now, as I watched this, I remembered the story of David & Goliath. Goliath was the giant who had taunted many men and won. But, one day, a young shepard boy who stood on his faith in God brought him down with one sling shot.

A young lady I know has a giant taunting her and causing her to have sleepless nights!

The giant is called


On Friday, she will pick one exam question she will have to explain in front of a panel of assessors. Its daunting for her.

My advice to her is:

every giant can be conquered by approaching it in a different manner, like David.

His armour was good enough, comfortable enough, and he used what he had and brought Goliath down.

No matter what giant you and I face, our assurance comes from the Cross where Jesus conquered all giants.

As we face our giants head on, they will begin to shrink and we will know how to conquer them. Giants are intimidating and cause fear because it looks impossible to conquer them.

What is your giant right now?

I would like to hear from you..