Beautiful young woman reading a book in a tent

by Kudzi G. Phiri

Why do we ask ourselves the question:

Who am I?

The paradox is that we seem unable to embrace the answer.

Is it that we cannot accept because we do not believe in the truth or
is it because of the people that surround us who constantly fill us
with doubt (telling us we are not who we think we are, or we do not
have it in us to become who we think we are)?

I, therefore, implore you to believe in and to know who you are. Let God
be the determinant; the mind of Christ being your driving force to
believe in and become who God said you are. Let the Holy-Spirit be
your teacher and guide so that in all things you are focused and you
live to realize your full potential.

Human beings often ask the same life questions because deep inside we
know we were created for a purpose. In us God has put an ability to
perceive based on what we see, reason according to what we know but
above that become according to what He spoke. You find yourself unable
to grow beyond the things you have been exposed to, often you need
something or someone to urge you on to break mediocrity and become the

From the onset, all you ever needed was placed in you: God made it so
that when you begin to speak the universe aligns with you. Angelic
hosts begin to ensure manifestation of your words.

So you ask who am I?

You are a child of promise and you can become
whatever you say you are. You are not defined by where you are, or
what people say you are but what you say about yourself. Take charge