Dear Jesus

by Mucha

I love that I am able to breath and take in the new fragrance that you have released in the atmosphere. For it is in this fragrance that I have captured your beauty and your never ending love for me.

How can it be that you care for me so?

You give me strength when it is failing and you touch me with your quiet humble spirit. Even when I fail you, you still linger with me, for you have promised me that you will’ never leave me nor forsake me.

Daily, I live my life to honor you and oftentimes, I get caught up in the moment of the day – the activities that I am required to be a a part of.

Yet, when I call, you are always there.

Dear Jesus, you intrigue me and you captivate me. My gaze is on you. I yearn to smell your fragrance. Lead me through the journey of life, so that my life reflects your love for me. Refresh me, refill me, renew me, re-educate me as I drink from your fountain…