Magical wonders

by Mucha

Summer is full of its own magical wonders. The clock has turned and the warm summer days are here. I gaze at the wonderful colors that summer has come with and are grateful that I can enjoy it in its fullness. As I look around I am  aware of the brightness that has filled the air and brought with it, a new refreshing.

If you really want to cultivate discernment, you can snuggle up in the garden and catch up with your bible reading. Nature speaks to us. There is a lot of spiritual strength that the spirit, body and soul can benefit from, and will definetely help you in the days ahead.

I sincerely believe that women are being called to move to the frontline so that they can  build and establish a kingdom legacy. You are being called out of the ashes to the forefront.  What you thought would kill you, is the very thing that you must use to create an awareness and let your voice be heard. Your life matters. Speak up and be released from the chains that want to keep you bound. It is the season.