Catching up over coffee

by Terry Bailey

Everyday, our world is providing a situation where someone is losing something. Whether it is a job, a loved one, or sense of direction someone begins the process of being lost in losing.

When we find ourselves lost, we must take note of our situation. Realize that the soul is at a crossroad dealing with many avenues of choices. The soul is stated to be comprised of a persons’ mind, will and emotion.
The mind, where thoughts are formulated takes the loss and then places it in either the failure, guilt, lonely and helpless column of our lives.
The will or the desire to move on comes to a complete stop because the mind triggers the thought of

why bother – nothing will change.


The emotions tops the sundae with doubt, discouragement and despair.
When someone is lost, all of these areas are affected which may be the reason why you don’t bounce back as fast. You may get your mind together, but your desire or emotions have not been challenged to move on!
When experiencing loss, can I suggest the following:

Start a healing process

Pray, and if that is not your thing, consult someone that will assist you in forming a happier you inside first; this will then extend to your outer you.
let positive energy flow
Being lost in your loss happens daily, finding a way out makes you to start the search!

  • Accept the lost
  • Realize even if it’s your fault; you can only change the next moment
    Apologize if necessary; forgive others and yourself
  • Make a plan
  • Write down what occurred and read it aloud
  • Make the adjustment so that correction can flow
    Move on
  • surround yourself with a positive energy flow
  • Being lost in losing happens daily, finding you takes you to start the search!