Mid-week nugget

by Mucha

I have thought about how  you and I can stand our ground  given the challenges that we often face in our day to day walk. Every day comes with its own challenges, so it makes sense that each day requires us to dig a little deeper in our inner self and get the courage and wisdom that we need to act.

With so many decisions to make, we must master the act of building our lives on

solid ground.

We must cling to the  mercy of God so we can stand against the voices that are constantly speaking contrary to what we believe. When we learn to live by certain standards, we will know when the boundaries have been breached.

In Psalm 26,:12,

David knew how far he could go and that was by standing on the

solid ground of righteousness.

As a result, God’s mercy was upon his life.

David’s stance was to reject evil and increase his love of worship.

Hopefully, this will help us get courage to face what we must do in our lives.

Happy mid-week!