by Mucha

I have certainly reached a stage in my life where simplicity is what I deliberately go for in my busy day to day schedule. Life is full of information, noise and the race to keep ahead of schedule never seems to work out, unless you keep things simple.

This means working on my daily walk as a christian woman and being able to do what I love the most. As I continue to pick and choose what I want to be involved in, I find that it has given me such peace as opposed to getting involved in everything around me.

After all, we all want to avoid stressful situations and enjoy life….everyday.
As we move towards the summer season, I encourage you to

simplify your life in all areas.

Find a way to make life simple in your home. Get orgarnised, put things in order, find a routine that works for you and your family. Inspire your children to also have a routine with chores around the house, homework, playdates and create lots of family bonding.

Re-evaluate your life, including friendships…if you have not heard from a ”friend” in a long time, then it’s time to find out where you go from here. If you really want to keep them as a friend, take the first step towards re-kindling that relationship.

After all, life is too short, right!

There should also be a balance in how we take care of our spiritual, physical and emotional issues. Neglecting one, causes us to suffer in that area. All three interact to give us a complete and full balance.



The bible

says that we should delight in the Lord and he will give us the desires of our heart.

Allow yourself to rest on this promise as you continue to enjoy the simplicity of life -everyday.


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