When was the last time you saw a bird with a broken wing in full flight?

My guess would be never!

A broken wing will often immobilize the bird and render it unable to spread its wings for taking off.

The broken wing becomes a temporary handicap. The wing must heal otherwise the bird will be unable to protect itself from predators or hunt for food.
Eventually, it dies.

You may be reading this article and like me, aspire to a better life.

You have goals and ambitions; you have a passion to be somewhere else, do something else or even be with someone else.

Every fibre in your body is screaming for you to spread your wings and take a chance, try something new, start out on your own.

But what if you have a broken wing?

Jacob in the book of Genesis chapter 29 had a desire to spread his wings and make Rachel his wife after serving her father, his uncle for seven years. He is duped to marry Leah instead.

This is a broken wing.

He is further required to serve his uncle for another seven years for Rachel, another broken wing.

Our brokenness comes from the varied situations we encounter in life.

This may be any situation, such as the breakdown of a relationship or marriage, loss of work or income, long periods of unemployment, the death of a loved one, serious illness, addictions, and many others.

These situations can handicap our ability to spread our wings and fly toward the future we desire.

Jacob found himself handicapped with a wife he hadn’t chosen and a further seven-year work bondage to his uncle for Rachel.

So, how do you spread your wings then?

During the healing process, the bird with a broken wing also does a unique thing.

Day by day it begins to gently stretch out the damaged wing to help strengthen it.

This helps the healing process and is also key to a smooth flight when the bird is ready to take to the skies again.
At this moment in your life you may be unable to spread your wings and (….complete this with your own reality ) but even with all the limitations of your brokenness you too can start stretching.

You too can start planning and making preparations for taking off when it finally becomes possible.
The day will eventually come when the thing that was holding you back no longer has any power over you.

The day will come when you will spread your wings and fly, till then

keep s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g.

The bird with a broken wing must first find a way to survive it’s environment until it’s wing is healed and it can fly again.

Jacob’s love for Rachel was strong enough for him to find a way to survive his environment

Genesis 30: 31-43.
And so it is the same for us.

ways to survive our environment in every way we can; make use of our support networks, our faith communities, temporary jobs or working two or more jobs if we must until we are strong enough to spread our wings and take off toward the next level or stage in life.

A wise man of God often quoted that “Life is lived at in stages and arrived at in levels.