is calling upon the lives of his beloved women of virtue to set these women apart leading them to their godly purpose.

Women you have a God-given destiny to fulfil so you can be everything God designed and created you to become.

When a Godly woman steps into ministry, she takes a leap of faith and she is lead by the spirit of God to take on the faith journey.

She believes in herself and she has faith that can not be shaken or moved.

She trusts that God will guide and lead her path. She trusts that the Spirit of God will lead her.

She knows that even when she feels weak, God will strengthen her to accomplish all God called and purposed for her.

Faith is everything.

The knowledge of Gods word and with the Spirit leading gives the opportunity to keep going with the ministry.

Those women that God calls for the purpose of ministry spend their time in the secret place with God and seeking Gods will and purpose in everything.

Women in ministry have a quiet spirit, observe everything, and ask questions and seek for godly wisdom.

Godly women are not very talkative, and their words are few.

They like to get to the point and are problem solvers. They love the quietness and cannot stand strife, arguments and drama.

They love a peaceful environment.
God always loves to see their creative nature come into full effect. Godly women in ministry are very focused and are purpose driven.

They are humble and seek to serve others.
The scriptures say,

Without vision, the people perish.

When a godly woman has a vision for her life, she presses forward with it.

When she feels like giving up, she keeps pressing and keeps believing that her vision will be established.

Sometimes a godly woman will be tested in her faith. She must keep holding on to the promises of Gods word.

Only believe and you will see the Glory of God.

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