She paced up and down, desperate to be heard, but not willing to wait her turn. Her constant muttering was beginning to get the attention of her fellow customers who waited patiently to be served.

With sweat dripping down her forehead, she paced the shop, barely able to concentrate on buying anything.

With one swift move she pushed herself past the onlokers and walked out.

She took a deep breath as she gasped and let the fresh air fill her lungs. As she closed her eyes, she breathed..and with a gasp, the tears trickled down her pretty face.

Her heart raced as she recalled the events of last night. She remembered the arguing, the shouting and calling each other names. How had this gone so far!

How had they grown so apart? She could barely understand it herself. The pressure of it all was wearing her down. Her first thought was to leave and not look back. Yet her othet self felt that she needed to fight for this.

Who was to blame? What had changed? If she could get a head start on these two questions, then she would be able to device a plan….

Well, so she thought!!

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