by Mucha

I can honestly say that it has been one of the most hectic times I have had in a while.
What do you do when life takes an unexpected turn? Well, you adjust and make the necessary changes. Is it that simple? No!!!

Having said that, it could be a simpler thing like getting your tooth removed or a much more complicated picture like seeing a loved one fighting against a life threatening illness. Whichever way, it requires a lot of inner strength and a bucketful of prayer and patience. There is an inner beauty within each one of us, and it tends to come out when life takes a sharp unfamiliar turn.

Be encouraged everyday, to treasure your loved ones and friends. Someone somewhere in your circle needs you. Why not reach out and have a one to one chat with them. You will be surprised how much they need someone to actually listen and be there for them.

Have a blessed week.