Have you ever tried to take a giant leap into the ‘new’ just to realise that you are pretty not sure if you should have taken the leap at all!
The definition of a leap is to move quickly or suddenly.”
I guess that is how most of us feel when we wake up to new stuff every morning.
Suffice to say, the world is taking giant leaps that most people are having a hard time following. The current situation in our lives is moving quickly and things are rapidly changing. That can be scary, to move quickly towards something you are unsure of….like getting older!
But rest assured, God still is in control of what happens in our lives.
Though we might have a hard time following, it is already settled in heaven .
Our prayer must be to get understanding and insight into what God is ushering us into.
As long as we know that He is in control, it will bring peace and rest.
I hope that you take a deep breath today, and believe that the unkown is necessarily not to be feared, but to be embraced with curiosity and a calm mindset.

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