God´s women of all ages, races and cultures are emerging from the hidden places of obscurity to the frontlines of favor. They are like a generation of Esther’s and Deborah’s with a supernatural edge that is breath-taking and soothing to the soul.

The older women´s wisdom is deep like a well of living water that never runs dry and has been prepared by the Lord—their spirit is ready to drink from the well that never runs dry.

The younger women will exude life and vibrancy that reveals the beauty of the glory of the Lord and their lives are contagious with the joy of the Lord.

God´s women are tender and kind with hearts of compassion, but built with a warrior instinct, like that of a lioness who cares for her cubs;

nurturing and protecting the glory of the Lord while building the Kingdom of God.

They are natural nurturers who feed and protect, support and encourage and train and develop. These are the attributes God is using in a supernatural way to move women into the forefront. The Lord is taking them higher in their capacity to nurture from a natural level to a supernatural level like never before.

They move undetected to accomplish their assignments and open up their mouths for the final blow that sounds like a shofar call, as they summon heaven to intercede.

Who are these women?

They are ordinary women like you and I, who have risen from the ashes to the frontlines.

Find your frontline and position yourself, for the King has chosen YOU!

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