Do you think that a lot of people have lost their dreams somewhere along the way due to the pressures and challenges in life?

What happens when God deposits a dream in our spirit?

God is a patient God and waits until we are ready to do something about the dream. I guess faith with no action is dead, right?!

The bible is full of examples of how God put dreams into the hearts of people.

Joseph had to wait a long time to get his dream fulfilled. It was a long cry from the actual dream to it manifesting in his life.

Meanwhile, I imagine that nothing in his wildest dreams could have prepared him for the day he actually saw his brothers come before him asking to buy food.

The dream of long ago was taking place right before him. I wonder what went through his mind at that particular moment!

His roller coaster life had now come to its fulfillment.

Do we love our life so much that we are willing to stand on the promise of God?

He gives dreams so that we live with an expectation of it coming to pass. No matter the circumstances, we must never give up. Hold on to it. The one that gives us dreams is faithful and true.

Has God deposited a dream in your spirit? Then, don’t let it go. It will reach its fulfillment at the appointed time. We must love our life so much that we are willing to share our experiences with others.

God gives us his dreams and visions for a purpose. Many men and women who have changed the course of history had one common factor, and that was, they dared to dream big. It takes a certain type of character to continue to dream even when everyone else has walked away. …..

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