I am looking forward to releasing yet another exciting and inspirational issue of the magazine at the end of the month! Its amazing what happens when women come together and support each other.

Imagine having a crisis and reaching out to someone you know will do whatever they can to help and make things happen! Those are the type of women we should be surrounding ourselves with. Women who will support your vision and help you fulfill it.

It’s not always those whom you think are close to you that will stand with you. Normally, help will come from someone you never even dreamt of! God knows how to blow our minds because we find ourselves abandoned by the familiar ones and suddenly surrounded by the unfamiliar!

Its quite a mind twister if you think about it.


God puts us together so that can we grow in wisdom and revelation as we share, grow and unite in our visions. Knowing your tribe in this hour is…knowing who you are connected to in this season. God uses seasons to gather women to fulfill a particular purpose. Who has he connected you to this season? Get discernment!



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