Decision making is –The thought process of picking out a sound choice from the given options


Child of God, there are so many decisions you will have to make today.

From the minute you wake up, you are already making a DECISION to get out of bed and begin your new day. Coffee or Tea? Milk or sugar? What time to leave home, what to eat..what to the wear…the list goes on but we mostly make decisions without even thinking about it. That’s because we have programmed ourselves to do certain things without a second thought. Yet there will be situations we will be faced with today that will make you pause, think and require you to make a decision from the options available, of course weighing the pros and cons.

Do you think that life just ” happens”?

Life is constantly demanding us to make decisions and our
response to it is crucial..

Decisions are good because they teach us to live within certain boundaries. They are a type of roadmap that keeps us functioning in a certain way.

For some, that knowledge has become the very core of their existence and remains inseparable. Each and every decision we make counts whether now or in the future! Oops!
Decisions are a part of human nature and we use them to co-exist with others as well because they appear in all shapes and sizes. We learn to understand the important areas in our life so we can respond accordingly, when faced with challenges.

Making choices leads us to make decisions that build us or break us.
Take a young student who has finished school and needs to choose which way to go. What is it that helps them make a decision about what they want to do? Often the student will analyze their options based on the results of their performance and make a decision.

Hopefully, you will seek guidance from the word of God that will help you make the right decision for you right now.

If you are at a major crossroad, you will definitely need to spend time in prayer so you will know which way to turn.

Finally, will the decision satisfy my dreams or desires or will they fulfill the dreams and desires that God has for me? Should I really walk through that door? Just because the door is open doesn’t mean you should walk in!

Knowing Gods will for your life will help you make sound decisions.

Have an awesome week!


Peace & Love



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