One of my favorite verses in the bible is found in the book of Revelations where it says, The Spirit and the Bride say come!

What an awesome invitation to anyone who wants to come into an intimate companionship with the Holy Spirit.

The Apocalypse is the book of the one who is yet to come.

Have you ever been invited to a wedding? As soon as you receive the invitation, you get excited to be part of something wonderful. Weddings always bring people together to celebrate the happy union between two people. And as the bride and groom promise to spend their lives together, their lives become one.

We must  ”thirst” for him.. just like the bride and groom who anticipate their time alone after the wedding. Yes, the honeymoon!

‘As the deer pants (thirsts) for the water brooks, so pants my soul for You, O God. ”

Have you ever been thirsty on a hot summer day and all you can think of is to quench your thirst? The deer panting for water is a perfect picture of how we must seek the Lord. The deer will look for water until it finds it…

There is so much joy in living when we come to him and share our hopes, fears, challenges and every aspect of our lives.

As the Holy Spirit invites men, women, and children to know him, he is reminding us, that the wall that separated man from God was torn and we now have direct access to the Throne of God.

It is such an amazing invitation to be able to experience him in such a way.

My prayer is that you get inspired and excited to seek him who invites you.

Love & blessings!


#deer #bride #groom #come #spirit #invitation #thirst

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